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US Government Will Now Allow Defense Distributed to Distribute 3D Printed Firearms Software

After years of litigation, the United States Department of Justice has finally decided to settle with Defense Distributed, the creators of the first 3D printed firearm, and the Second Amendment Foundation. Under the settlement the Department of Justice will no longer prohibit Defense Distributed from distributing its 3D printed firearms software over the internet. Defense Distributed and its companion site, ... Read More »

Utilizing the Blockchain Technology To Combat Global Software Piracy

Since the late 1970s, software piracy has grown into a serious problem negatively affecting software developers and undermining their ability to preserve the copyrights of their digital creations. The past 30 years have witnessed significant advancements in various computing technologies. However, developments and innovations in communications technologies have catalyzed software piracy, via provision of high speed delivery, mobility and portability ... Read More »

Testing Modern Antivirus Software part 1

This is an introduction to this vast topic in which we will focus on evading AV signature detection attempts to run Metasploit’s windows/shell/reverse_tcp payload under the nose of Kaspersky, Avira, Avast and 58 other (on their VirusTotal edition). Let’s start with information gathering – what AV actually does in order to stop malware. Static countermeasures, aka scan-time analysis Static signature ... Read More »

German Minister Pushing for Facial Scanning at Mass Transit Terminals

Following two terrorist attacks in the country, Germany’s Interior Minister Thomas de Maiziere announced that he wants to introduce facial recognition software at train stations and airports throughout the country. Germany has been in a state of paranoia after two recent “acts of terror.” In one of the attacks, a teenage refugee from Pakistan attacked passengers on a train in ... Read More »

Source Code Of HL7 Software Maker PilotFish For Sale On Dark Web

A hacker named ‘batwhatman’ is selling the source codes for all PilotFish Technology software on the dark web, including the ones related to HL7-supported medical devices, according to security firm InfoArmor. Cybercriminals most probably compromised a corporate SVN server and stole various application codes written in JAVA, InfoArmor stated. Some of the source code listings and filenames point to PilotFish ... Read More »

South Australian Police to Start Using FBI-Like Facial Recognition Software

In what will be used to fight crime and find missing persons, South Australian police forces will be beginning the use of facial recognition technology by late October. Police Minister Peter Malinauskas made an announcement on Monday that an Australian technology company, NEC Australia, had been awarded the $780,000 contract. NEC will be building software that can scan faces from ... Read More »

Security Software

The problem with surveillance software is that there’s probably a whole lot out there that we just don’t know about, either because it’s a proprietary application for a private firm or government agency. I’m sure we have all heard about the recent FBI vs Apple debacle in which the FBI demanded that Apple build an app to crack iPhone encryption, ... Read More »

Young Computer Geek Sold Software On Dark Web That Helped In The Crashing Of 224,000 Websites

Grant Manser (20) was just only 16 years old when he designed programs and sold them on the dark web, which helped cyber criminals to crash 224,000 websites all around the world. Court heard that the young teen designed a ”stresser” software, which worked by bombarding websites, servers and email addresses with so much information that they crashed. Manser did ... Read More »

NCR Announces Bitcoin Integration into Small Business POS Software

Imagine going to your favorite food truck and ordering a burrito or some garlic noodles. And imagine that this particular food truck has an iPad with point-of-sale software for you to use. You look at the screen, confirm your order and press Pay Now. The screen then shows your payments options: Cash, Credit/Debit card, Paypal, Apple Pay, Google Wallet, and ... Read More »