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Man Sentenced After Losing USB Drive Filled with Child Porn

The Court of Créteil, on July 11, sentenced a 34-year-old Frenchman for downloading hundreds of pictures and videos of child abuse from darknet forums and imageboards. The man, according to the court, had an interest in children as young as six. Although the investigation had yielded all the evidence needed for a harsh punishment, the court sentenced the man to ... Read More »

Researchers Suggest a Ban on Encryption Will Drive Darknet Use

After the London terror attack in June, Prime Minister Theresa May lashed out at communication companies for “providing safe places for extremists to broadcast their hate messages over the Internet.” She pushed for international agreements allowing the government to regulate the internet—a step she believed would curb terrorism. Some security researchers, though, argued that doing so would only push terrorist ... Read More »

Veracrypt Tutorial: How To Encrypt A USB Drive?

A simple tutorial explaining how to install VeraCrypt – The tutorial was created and contributed by Ping (Blog: http://w363zoq3ylux5rf5.onion.sale/blog/owner/ping). Lets start – First, go to the link here and select the version you want to use and download it. Now open a terminal and go to the directory where you downloaded the file and extract it: tar -xzvf veracrypt-1.0f.1-setup.tar.gz (Note: ... Read More »


Drink and Drive

This is one amazing prank, a little brutal but totally worth it. Nobody should every advocate drinking and driving, even if it is to your friends. For that one night of coincidence, that is a whole lot of things being put on the line. What if you wake up one day to realise you just lost 10 year off your ... Read More »